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Peter Diamandis

ONS 2010 Space & Energy
Radical innovation
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IRIS - NOV Drilltronics

Drilling Automation

The Drilltronics Technology calculate tolerances and extend these to the drilling control system which in turn controls the draw-work, top-drive and mud pumps, and keep these within the continuously updated well tolerances.

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Space & Energy seminar - Statoil

Svenn F. Utengen - Statoil - ONS 2010
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Robonaugh oceaneering

Oceaneering Robonaut VBR 100

Robonaut VBR 100
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Biotaguard - IRIS

A holistic approach to marine environmental monitoring
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ONS 2010

Space & Energy, DNTV
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Space animation

Video from Space & Energy  ONS2010 in Stavanger
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Funfacts from space

Funny facts from space
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Kongsberg Seatex AS

The AISSat-1 is extending the vessel overview along the norwegian coast and is a important
compopnent for Safe and Rescue (SAR) operations.
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AMASE oppstigning 394

AMASE - Arctic Mars Analog Svalbard Expedition

AMASE Expedition uses Svalbard as a outdoor laboratory to prepare for future space travel to Mars. Svalbard is one of the few places on earth that the environment is similar to the conditions at Mars. Watch the AMASE video made by Norwegian Space Centre together with geologist Hans Erik Foss Amundsen.
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